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April 26, 2005


Jeffrey McManus

You are a sour puss for not liking Scritti Politti. That is all.


And ol' Klaus? My personal God.
Now I'm all sniffly.


And ol' Klaus? My personal God.
Now I'm all sniffly.

Kevin Werbach

Wow, I thought my wife was the only Serge Gainsbourg nut out there! You guys will have something to talk about at Supernova this year.

Ben didn't buy the 17-CD boxed set, though, did he?


Re: Scritti Politti--you liked Faithless. QED.

Andrew Anker

Ah... I didn't realize I should be blaming Ben for your pedestrian tastes in music.

Jay Allen

Klaus Nomi grows on you like a bad fungus. "Wasting My Time" went from one of my most hated songs to one that I got really excited about when it would come on.



Have you seen "URGH! A Music War"? A great concert film from the early 80s with Klaus, Fleshtones, Wall of Voodoo, Devo, The Cramps, Magazine, etc. etc. That's really the only place I've seen/heard Klaus Nomi. Email me if you want to track down a DVD copy...


My husband thinks that I should like Klaus Nomi for the same reasons but nope, can't quite get into them. But I do manage to like Scritti Politti on a very very limited basis. You can hear them maybe once every 8 months before you find your ears bleeding from the whine...


Holy crap that first paragraph sounds so much like something my girlfriend would write. You blog women are so much alike. Flee! Flee!

Now back to Modest Mouse & MeWithoutYou. Fiery Furnaces are so 1999 ;)


I actually PAID to see Scritti Politti live at the Beacon Theater in 1985. Actually, even worse ... I paid to see Frankie Goes to Hollywood; SP just opened for them. The horror, the horror ... but "Perfect Way" really was a catchy little number, huh?

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