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September 12, 2002



ohhh no! i hate hearing ibook horror stories. i hope it comes back in one piece :)


Why would one nudge a *rapidly moving* mechanical device to make it be quiet? Does one not understand the potentially devastating effects of this course of action, especially when the tolerances are so tight inside those little machines?

Cory Doctorow

Even with a dead screen, you can still backup your drive, if you've got another Mac with FireWire:

Turn your dead iBook off.

Connect it with a FireWire cable to a non-dead Mac.

Boot up the iBook while holding down the "T" key.

The iBook's hard-drive will show up as a mounted disk on the other Mac. Just drag and drop your files.

When you're done, unmount the iBook's drive by dragging it to the trash, then hit the power-key on your iBook to shut it down.


Cory, can that technique be used simply to network your laptop to your mainframe, uh, I mean your G4? Sounds like it.


Why would one nudge a *rapidly moving* mechanical device to make it be quiet? Does one not understand the potentially devastating effects of this course of action, especially when the tolerances are so tight inside those little machines?

Yeah, one is very stupid. Thanks for pointing it out.


I actually had this happen to a G4 laptop running 10.1.x After I had an airport card installed, the screen would slowly start to crack up (looked like magnetic scrambling) finally it went all white.

Apple had it shipped to them and two days later I had my machine back with a new screen(added benefit: the dead pixels were gone).

This makes me feel a little iffy about putting 10.2 on here given my past history...
oh well.


Good luck with your iBook, Mena. I work for an Apple dealer and service centre (oops, center), and saying the problem is with the logic board is their way of saying, "We don't know what's wrong...let's replace something." Anyway, if you've had to ship it off to Houston (why, by the way, can't they repair it at your local Apple service centre, oops, center, by the way), then they'll definitely make sure it works before they ship it back.


By the way, I just said "by the way" twice in the above comment. Duh.


i hope you never buy a car.


Why would one nudge a *rapidly moving* mechanical device to make it be quiet?

Because it's a laptop, not a fucking nuclear reactor.

A laptop is *engineered* to be carried around, jostled, and bumped. iBooks, in particular, are generally very hardy machines--if they can handle being dropped to the floor (as they apparently can, per test results), then they can handle a nudge.


Man, you guys are getting WAY too techy with the comments lately. (I hope this is not yet another indication of my increasing age: I'm in my [gasp] 40s). You young'uns these days.......


I nudge the candy machine at work. In fact sometimes I all out rock on it. If I'm lucky a Wunderbar falls out :D but usually it's one of those stupid giant oatmeal raisin cookies. The moral of the story is if it will stop the whirring and bring out the Wunderbars, I say nudge it!

Cory Doctorow

You can use the "Target disk mode" (FireWire machine-connection) to "network" any two Macs with FireWire. This isn't networking, though, since when you connect a machine to another this way, the "slave" machine is just a dumb hard-drive. You can't run programs on it or anything.


So many laptop problems, so little time. I don't have an ibook, but my PC laptop died two weeks ago, and I just recently got it up and running again. Sometimes I wonder if portable devices require more maintenance than they are worth.


Och, the wee bairn...
I had my clamshell iBook (graphite SE) develop a loose ethernet jack (read: probably caught the cable with my foot once too often) they had it back to me pronto and it's been just fine ever since, aside from the odd personality quirk. I do empathize, but be of good cheer...


I have an iBook 14.1" and I've noted the noisy fan as well. It sounds quite disconcerting, but never seems to kick in if I don't have a CD in the drive. These days I never leave a cd in the drive after using it, and all seems to be fine. That said, I'm still on OS 9.2.2 and determined to stay there as long as possible.


I've bhad problems with my PowerBookG4 since I got it, my company is finally going to buy a new one to replace it. The worst thing, is having to go through all those checks with AppleCare to remove this, reset that, and hold down some key while booting.

Why is it that laptops have such loud fans anyway? My PowerBook sounds a lot louder than my desktop PC, and the fact it goes on and off is even more annoying. I'll bet it's a power saving thing, but couldn't they just have a relatively quite, slower, fan that is always running? That way I don't get that moment of panic when it goes on.


And here I was bemoaning how hot Athlon laptops got. (Great for cold winter nights, but definitely not as svelte as a trusty P4.) At least they don't peter out altogether. It's remarkable that Apple could put out an OS upgrade without considering the hardware demands that the OS would have for some of their loyal iBookers. Between Microsoft's astonishing XP Service Pack 1 screwups and this, I'm beginning to consider an exclusive Red Hat relationship. At least on the PC side, you can control the hardware side of things (provided, of course, you nab a preinvasive P4 CPU) or trust the laptop manufacturer to cool down the laptop with the appropriate fans (which would include the inevitable bump and grind, par for the course if you are, after all, using a laptop in an outdoor environment!).

If this weren't Apple, this would be a class action suit waiting to happen. No computer user, Mac or PC, should have to put up with this nonsense.


don't worry about the repair. I had to send off a dead ibook with a defective hard drive. they sent me a box the morning after I talked to the support representatives. put the ibook in the box, got it back squeaky clean two mornings after.


"Then they told him to remove the battery and adapter, and reset the "power manager". Then they tried resetting the PRAM, which didn't work (it only restarted twice, whereas it was supposed to reset as long as the keys were pressed)."

I think if you told Apple the word "Apple" was misspelled somewhere, they'd have you resetting the powermanager and zapping the PRAM. It's like a doctor telling you to open and say ah, except less diagnostic.


I had a similar problem with my first generation G4 Powerbook recently. I had re-install 10.1.5 to get back to normal. Apparently it has something to do with Quartz Extreme (which requires 16MB vram) running on my Ti that only has 8MB vram. Argh.

See this thread on the MacNN forums:

peta andersen

Greets folks:

I'm having just a little bit of trouble with Apple and my iBook. Sent it in to have an intermittent backlight repaired, and now Apple is claiming that I must've spilled some liquid on it and damaged the logic board. They now want to charge me a $700 service fee. Being considerably unhappy about this (I've had nothing but problems since it came home), and a writer, I'm busy composing an article about it. Would anyone on this board mind being quoted (anonymously of course, unless you'd like to see your name in print).

The two uotes I would particularly like to use (again, anonymously) are Jamison's 'If this weren't Apple, this would be a clas action suit...'

and toddg's 'I work for an Apple service centre...'

Can you help out? Or if you want to be quoted as saying something particular, please email me at the addy above.


Peta, another disgruntled iBook user.

Dave Utley

Dude I love my ibook but the same thing has happened to mine. The main problem is that I didn't stop to think I just grabbed a set of mini screw drivers and went to town. I'm affraid that now apple won't replace any thing under warranty or apple care. Oh well maybe I can sell it piece by piece on ebay....Any ideas?


this is not only a Mac problem! it happened to my Gateway Solo laptop last week! the screen got lines on it (very matrix-like) and then it went white. i restarted and it still happened. then i shut it off for a half an hour and miraculously it worked after that. i don't get it. i thought i was going to have to get a new computer or something.


Technology is a strange thing. I'm not a Mac user...more of a wannabe really...but just for an example of iffy technology. My PC decided it didn't like switching on...after about four attempts it finally switched itself on. But this problem with the fans sounds like a design fault...somthing that kicks in after a while.

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