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September 06, 2002


Drew Maxwell

That drop cap looks perfect in this page.


Great find. I've been looking for the Catchwords for weeks. One problem, I'm on a Windoze machine and I get a "uses a format which cannot be browsed by StuffIt" error when StuffIt trys to expand the .hqx file :( Any Mac users out there care to download the file, expand it and email it to me? jmendel@telus.net I'll keep searching for a solution...

Drew Maxwell

There is a Windows version for Stuffit and it works fine for me on my Windows XP. If anything, it's more compatible with older versions of Windows.


Yep same configuration here, StuffIt for Windows, running XP... doesn't seem to work. Ah well, I'll get a Mac user friend of mine to do it for me.


Ah! I just spent all day there!

I have downloaded all the "Cuts & Caps" and have made a PDF.

If anyone wants it, e-mail me and I'll send it to you. (550k or so).

From the PDF you can open specific pages in Illustrator, clean out what you don't want and save as eps. Lovely!



...I mean 2.3MB!


Thanks for pointing me in the direction of these caps. I love the way they look on my page!

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