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May 21, 2002



Did you say... Personics?



There was a system mentioned a few weeks ago that involved
a cell phone and a database of songs. The user dialled a number and let the system listen to the music ( In a restaurant, bar etc etc ). It then would come up with its best guess for the song name.
It was apparently quite successful with the song signatures already included.


At lunch today I heard a song that I knew but it wasn't sung by the artist who I had originally heard. It would have been great to know who else was singing it and why. But alas, I was too lazy to ask about the album playing.


There is also a Sony product that you can get, small enough to attach to a keychain, that you then point at the car radio when a song you like is playing. It tracks the station, the time, etc. and you then download it to your computer and it looks up the song information for you. I was always tempted to buy one, but never did.

Thanks to Tivo, now whenever I listen to the radio in the car I wish there was a Ravo - where you could rewind the song and play it again!


Yeah - Sony did come out with a product that did just that...however it was later discontinued, and all hardware was purchased back from consumers by Sony.



One media retailer which a buddy of mine from the Bronx, NY states has several buildings of music: J & R Music World (http://www.jandr.com/).

MP3.com is a pretty good site to listen to music samples.

To practice dealing w/ databases, I've posted my music collection as web pages for music I actually bought. My MP3 collection is too large to catalog @ this point (7 CD-RW discs backed up so far), but that too will eventually get posted.

For any record companies who might see this msg., I'm available to produce websites for them so people can check out their inventory. MS Access does fairly well for generating web pages of information, but Microsoft adds too much unnecessary code which I strip out.

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