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May 21, 2002



I think I have the same model that you have, it is a 500 Mhz iBook. I think that sometimes the cursor seems to freeze momentarily while the machine is thinking about something. I am not sure if that is the same thing you are experiencing. It doesn't happen to me very often and it hasn't bothered me. Sometimes when I am typing, it jumps around everywhere. I am still more comfortable when I plug in a mouse. Except I wish there was a USB port on the right side for that since I am right-handed.

However, I would suggest trading in for one of the newer models. When 10.2 comes out at the end of summer, that newer graphics card might be able to handle Quartz Extreme.

Cowboy X

The new video chipset is a HUGE deal. The real reason why OS X feels slower than OS 9 is the "Quartz rendering system" that give you the pretty shadows, anti-aliasing, and cuts your system performance in half. OS X 10.2 will use the video chipset to hardware-accelerate Quartz, but only if it's a "T&L" chipset (like the newer iBooks).

They promise that with acceleration, OS X will run as fast as OS 9, and they're probably right. RETURN IT.


Daser: The cursor problem occurs independently of any processing.

Cowbox X: You do make a good point about 10.2 and the effect the Mobility Radeon will have on Quartz. However, it seems as if the 16MB of VRAM isn't enough to make a significant dent in system performance. I may be wrong and buying into the 32MB fallacy (32MB being what Apple suggests for optimal performance) AND I'm sure 16 versus 8MB is an improvement but it doesn't seem enough of an improvement to merit me returning the iBook for the new model.

Still, I have four more days to decide and would still like to hear what people have to say.


hearing her iBook-owning housemate swearing in the next room: yes, trade it in. But I very much understand what you're going through--considering I went with the iMac after definitely wanting a powerbook. bigcomputer=cheap. now there's a student model that's really cheap...there I go.


Trade it in! The extra memory *will* make a difference, not necessarily now, but give it a few months and an OS upgrade, and the effect will be much more apparent.

In any case, I wouldn't have thought static electricity would be causing the trackpad problem either - unless you have nylon sheets (!). So it's obviously faulty, right?

Take it back! 8)

Cowboy X

I don't think it has much to do with the additional video memory; if it did, then QuartzGL (Quartz Extreme, whatever) would work on non-T&L 8mb cards, which is not the case.

I think what QuartzGL does is turn windows and objects into 3D-accelerated OpenGL textures, which it can then throw and stretch around the screen using the "GPU" instead of the CPU. In effect, it'd be like having a second processor just for handling the screen. And sure, 32mb VRAM would be better than 16mb, but I'll take the 16mb-T&L over nothing, which is what I'm stuck with because my iMac blows.

Cowboy X

Oh, and I think the idea that your sheets are causing the trackpad to screw up is loopy.


I concure. Trade it in! It took you a long time to earn the $$ it took for your impulse buy and you should be getting the latest and the greatest. Believe me, Apple will not be sweating on this one.

BTW, I have an older graphite clamshell iBook (which I LOVE) and the cursor does hesitate every so often. And, every once in a while, it seems to have a mind of its own, moving all over the place despite my best efforts to control its placement. It's like a hiccup, I think. Doesn't happen often.

Todd Dominey

Trade it in.

And yes, Cowboy X is exactly right. The newer video card *could* make a nice difference once 10.2 is final. Thing is, Apple has only demonstrated an alpha build of 10.2 with Quartz Extreme, so specs could change, and the video acceleration could be even MORE pronounced once the full version arrives.

So I would definitely trade it. And you know, that "open box fee" sounds suspect to me. You may have to do it, but I've known people who complain, in a nice way, that a "salesperson should have warned me" when purchasing, ESPECIALLY when the purchase was so close to the newer ones coming out. They may switch it out and not charge you. Maybe.

I own a 500mhz iBook, and never have problems with the trackpad. It does stall sometimes if the OS is swallowing something big and chunky, but it jumps right back.


The static theory does sound wacky, but getting out of bed has seem to fix matters. For the record, Ben read about that online and didn't just come up with that idea :)


Get yourself a spare mouse to use with the iBook - trackpads are horrific for any kind of *real* mousing work, such as graphics...

John Engler

I'd recommend taking the iBook back and getting a little mouse to use with it. something like a countour optical mini-mouse would be good.


For the record, I exchanged the iBook today. I tried to get out of paying the re-stocking fee but I'm not very persuasive.

John Engler

good news for you... read my website... you'll see that i just bought one (for my anniversary present... gotta love that wife)


I used to have a similar problem with a much older Powerbook. It showed up every time I used the trackpad with traces of water on my fingertips (for instance, if I'd just washed my hands).

Daniel Talsky

Trackball or no, if you can trade it in, and you want to, then do so. I don't think there's one whit of an ethical problem with it.

Aaron Swartz

I'm pretty sure it's the static. I had this problem for my TiBook when it was dry out. I started the humidifier.

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